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Saving money on a tight budget isn’t easy as everyone thinks it is….Use these simple ways to boost your savings. Thank me later for number 4!

1. Pay yourself first: After you have received your salary, always set your savings aside. This is done so that after all expenses have been made, and you have little or no money left, you will be glad that you already saved. 

2. Have a savings account: So you always go back to collect the money you set aside to save? Give your bank a standing instruction to deduct a particular sum from your account to another account (savings account) as soon as your salary hits your account. 

Tip: If you are going to use this method, DO NOT have an ATM card (for the savings account), credit card or cheque book and DO NOT have the account registered in your phone for quickteller and easy transfer.

3. Make your own when you can: DIY it. It is cheaper, easier, tastier, better and more original to you. For example, fix your nails, breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry yourself.

4. Piggy banks: This is an old-time trick which is still effective in saving money as children and also for adults. I am not ashamed to say that I still use this method and it works fine for me. , Squeeze in that extra cash every now and then.

Tip: you can use the money to treat yourself to a change of wardrobe or change of beddings. 

5. Shop bargain: Don’t waste money on trendy clothes that won’t be stylish and useful in a year. Instead, go for clothes that will stand the test of time-vintage. And also for clothes that best defines your style and personality. 

Tip: you can also shop during holidays when clothes are on sale. Never pass up a sale rack!

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