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Meet Martin Laurello – ‘the human owl’

Martin Laurello could turn his body back to you and still look you in the eye. “The Human Owl” had the unique ability to rotate his head 180 degrees. Laurello was born in 1885 and came to the United States from Germany in the early 1920s. Before The Exorcist shocked audiences with Linda Blair’s revolving head, the demon-free Laurello astonished […]

See the 10 things men wish women knew about men

Ladies, it’s not complicated. And guys feel free to add your additional points in the comment sections below. 1) Just like women, we need love. Even though women have the reputation of being more emotionally needy, we find ourselves longing for those words. Please say them often. 2) Additionally, we crave respect and approval. Show us admiration and your wish will be […]

Inside the World’s Largest Free Kitchen

At the Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, nearly 100,000 people eat here on an average day—and not a single one of them will pay for the food they consume. A young man in a hot-pink turban raises his hands humbly as he sits crossed-legged on the floor. Into his raised hands falls a hot roti that he plops into […]

8 common things women say and what they really mean

Here’s the translation of some of the things women say and what they really mean: 1.” Do whatever you want.” What men hear: She’s telling me that I can make my own schedule today. What she really means: Whatever you do, do not do whatever you want. I want you to keep asking me what you can do today to help me […]


You must be mystified wondering how terrorism and romance could co-exist. The amalgamation of these two words, though difficult to comprehend, but yet very true is either unnoticeable or obviously present in most relationships. Romantic terrorism occurs when an individual creates non-existent conflicts and struggles between relation/friendships to demand one thing only: To be loved in return (Urban dictionary). Famous in the […]