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Brain injury cures mental illness

A mentally ill young man who shot himself in the head in a suicide attempt suffered a brain injury that apparently eliminated his phobia of germs and his obsession with washing his hands, doctors say. The .22-caliber slug destroyed the section of the brain responsible for his disabling obsessive-compulsive behaviour without causing any other brain damage, his doctor said in […]

Mercy for the hot dog boy

A 13-year-old boy opened a hot dog stand in front of his house in Minnesota, and someone complained to the health department. Instead of shutting him down, the Health Department decided to help him meet its standards and paid $87 fee for his permit out of their own pockets. Now it’s a business with a permit and he’s been selling […]

Kenyan Man Invents Smart Gloves that Turn Sign Language Movements into Audio Speech

Over 30 million speech impaired people around the globe rely on sign language as a means of communication. But sign language isn’t understood by most of the people on the planet, which creates a communication barrier for people with speech impairment. Roy Allela, a 25-year-old Kenyan man has invented smart gloves that can convert hand gestures of sign language into […]