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He is more than just a funny character, he is a package of talents. Ereme Abraham popularly known as Twyse is known for his interesting and really funny skits/vines on Youtube and Instagram. In this exclusive interview with TRENDZEXPRESS, we got to know a lot more about this young man who of course was quite expository on all about himself. When you’re created to be funny; it definitely reflects in almost everything you do because it’s in your DNA. In this very interesting interview, reflecting his funny self all through, Twyse elucidated on his journey into the world of entertainment, his career, educational background and lots more which you wouldn’t want to miss. Enjoy excerpts below:

T.E – Please tell us about yourself briefly.

TWYSE – My name is Ereme Abraham, Edo boy. some know me as Twyse and some refer to me as ‘big head’ all na title *laughs*, age 27 and I’m the only child of my parents. That’s all I know for now *smiles*

T.E – what was growing up like for you?

TWYSE – Growing up was really fun for me. From Germany, we relocated to Portharcourt, then my dad passed on. Later on, I had to go stay with my Grandma in IB city (IBADAN) which happened to be the best part of my life. The people, the accent, the food (Amala, gbegiri, ewedu & co), the kind of tyre and sand games I played as a kid, the parties and all just seemed way too awesome & exciting to me because it was so different where I came from.

T.E – what is your educational background?

TWYSE – Hmmm, educational background; I started at Obiye Primary School Portharcourt, later St. Isabel Nursery & Primary School, Ibadan and went on to Federal Government College Odogbolu, Ogun State for my Secondary school. My tertiary education has been something else but long story short, I studied Graphic Design & Animation at Annamalai University India but got bored and left a year after. I’m currently studying Information & Communication Technology (B.Sc) at London Metropolitan University, London, hopefully I don’t get bored *smiles*

T.E – Describe yourself in 3 words

TWYSE – Three words, Ermm, success-driven, self-motivated & friendly “lobatan”

…my mom actually tricked me for a deliverance session with my Pastor(I won’t mention his name) just to convince me to study Law in school because I told her I wanted to go into filming…

T.E – How did you get into comedy?

TWYSE – Comedy? I won’t really consider myself a comedian, I think I just like to act and express my thoughts at times, don’t know if I’m good at what I do but expressing my thoughts through acting just makes me happy every time. It all started when one of my big Bros asked about my progress this year and saw some videos I made on YouTube and immediately he sent me a message on whatsapp to start making short videos on Instagram that people could relate to, I didn’t find much sense in it earlier but I gave it a shot and my ex also saw it and  said it was good so I kept making more and that was it. 

I don’t plan to be a comedian, don’t get me wrong I love comedy and anything that makes people laugh a lot but I just think I’d have a better shot at film making. Film making is my dream, my Instagram skits are just something I enjoy doing so people should expect more of both not just one. 

T.E – Did you always want to be a comedian?

TWYSE – Hmmm, initially I had a lot of confusion picking a career. Back then I used to draw a lot, then later the whole family wanted me to do law, my mom actually tricked me for a deliverance session with my Pastor(I won’t mention his name, *laughs*) just to convince me to study Law in school because I told her I wanted to go into filming, I studied law at A-levels and did well but I just wasn’t interested in law. Most times during law classes, I’d take my phone and make videos at the canteen with friends and later on; I just fell in love with Bollywood and Hollywood films and there was something about Clarence Peters’ videos as well that just made me want to start filming back then. I later realized I love reading video documentaries and watching video tutorials about film making than reading my law books. So I used part of my school fees to buy my first camera, my mom was really mad at me but that only increased my cravings for filming *smiles*

T.E – when and how did you discover your talent?

TWYSE – That was like 4 years ago. I made a lot of errors, which I’m still making. Tried working for so many professional photographers for free but they all considered me as an amateur, so I kept practising since I couldn’t afford to go to a film school. My laptop became my best friend, I will edit a 10 seconds video for days and sometimes skip food and sleep. Before I bore you out, that was how it all started “sha” and I’m still working on improving a lot. I’m still not satisfied yet.

T.E – How do you know what material will make people laugh?

TWYSE – Yeah, this is one of my biggest tasks, thanks for asking. I really can’t know or determine what makes people laugh, it’s really hard to decide so I just go with stories that few or most people can relate to, at least one or two people will always relate to my videos on IG.

T.E – You create interesting vines/skits, what does it take for something to inspire you enough to create a vine?

TWYSE – As for these skits, most of my followers or supporters would realise I don’t post daily as I used to initially. My number 1 reason for that is; I only make videos when ideas come through my mind, I don’t force it and sometimes the idea is there but you’re just not in a good mood (and yes we all get moody at times) so I just let that time pass by and when I feel good, I make more videos and most times, I get my inspiration why taking a sh** in the toilet or while taking a shower *laughs*. I’m not a fan of scriptwriting, it’s just 15 secs why all that stress of wasting biro ink?

T.E – Your most embarrassing moment as a comedian?

TWYSE – Ahhh, my most embarrassing moment was when I made one video that took me long to record and edit and when I posted it, the video had just 3 comments in 2 hours, I had to delete it at the end of the day *laughs*. Probably people couldn’t relate that day. “It was sush an embarrassing moement honezly” 

T.E – Which comedian(s) inspire you?

TWYSE – Craze Clown inspires me a lot, I love all his skits to be honest; regardless of what anyone says or think. someone else who also inspires me much but he doesn’t consider himself a comedian is “Falz the Bahd Guy”, a big shout out to him.

T.E – Best piece of advice you have ever gotten?

TWYSE – Best piece of advice. Permit me to say two, please.

1-the best piece of advice I can give is “Don’t take advice” (Just do You) – by Chip
2-Did the man who invented college go to College? – Question by Hopsin. 
Both advice may sound silly but the message I get from both phrases anytime I remember them is way too deep. *smiles*

…remember not to ever quit because the truth is; the road will itch you and sometimes even people close to you will doubt you, but the dream is yours not theirs so stay focused and keep pressing.

T.E – What is your fashion sense like?

TWYSE – Fashion sense, “ewo”. I don’t really have a specific mode of dressing but I love perfumes and shoes a lot, I don’t joke with those two. I’m very selective, those who know me know *laughs*

T.E – What is your favourite food?

TWYSE – Favourite food: Pounded yam and Egusi soup with “CONFAM” beef and apple juice. If there’s no pounded yam, I could settle for fried egg and plantain.

T.E – What is the greatest lesson you have learnt so far in the entertainment industry.

TWYSE – I’ve learnt quite a few lessons in the entertainment industry. Humility is key and acknowledging your fans is also very important (never get too carried away because you’re nobody without them), once you get a few people who support your dream or craft, stay focused and consistent. With time you would grow bigger if you don’t stop.

T.E – What would you be doing if you weren’t a comedian?

TWYSE – If I wasn’t doing this, I’d probably try rap. Not like I’m good at rapping, I just love to play with words that’s all

T.E – Who is your mentor?

TWYSE -My mentor is ME ooo. I find it hard looking up to people these days because sometimes those people we look up to may fail to meet up with their usual standards (we are all humans and we make mistakes). So I just focus on myself and avoid any kind of disappointment.

T.E – 
Which agencies/brands/organizations have you worked for?

TWYSE – Tetravault Media, Leeds University & covenant University. I can’t remember any other one but we’re getting close “sha”

T.E – Please tell us some of your memorable achievements so far?

TWYSE – I’ve had chances to shoot a few music videos such as ‘OKELE’ & ‘2015’ by Willteg, ‘Make I Rap’ by Nickfill. A short film titled ‘Reminisce’ by Director Timilehin Adejokun, Freshers Nite at Lead City University, ‘INFIDEL’ short film & ‘Fargone’ documentary by me. I’m also having some upcoming projects I’m working on at the moment.

T.E – Do you think comedy is something that can be learned?

TWYSE – Yes of Course. Everything we do in life is learnt but you need to be unique in a way and have it at the back of your mind that starting any task in life is easy but discipline and consistency is where the work comes in. 

T.E – What are you working on right now?

TWYSE – I’m working on my next short film as well as longer version of my skits at least 5 minutes.

T.E – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

TWYSE – Hmmm, “daiz a big qweshion” I see myself making longer and better films and skits that people could actually watch at home and in theatres as well as helping many less privileged kids that can’t afford feeding and education live up to their dreams.

T.E – What is one piece of advice you’d give to beginner comedians?

TWYSE – Advice to beginner comedians (and many more aspiring to do something besides comedy). Discover what you’re good at, you don’t need to have the biggest equipment or fan base. Just discover yourself and start something no matter how little and remember not to ever quit because the truth is; the road will itch you and sometimes even people close to you will doubt you, but the dream is yours not theirs so stay focused and keep pressing. Those people will come back when you become successful, you’ve got nothing to lose. Above all, have MAD faith in yourself, believe in God and believe in yourself. “Daiz juz it”

T.E – What do you think about TRENDZEXPRESS?

TWYSE – Trendzexpress is no doubt one of the most exclusive platforms I’ve ever been privileged to be on so far, they bring to you an in-depth of everything you need to know about information/entertainment. In short, that’s the only platform trending right now, if you don’t know yet then you’re sleeping on a bicycle. “Tainz for deez hopposhunity, sush an amazing interview” *smiles*

Find Twyse on;

Instagram – @twyse_116

Twitter – @twyse_116

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